Ordaining Reality: The Abridged Versions

Ordaining Reality Made Easy: A Guide for Creating the Future
ISBN-10: 1-59942-910-1, ISBN-13: 978-1-59942-910-6

Ordaining Reality in Brief: The Shortcut to Your Future

ISBN-10: 1-59942-892-X, ISBN-13: 978-1-59942-892-5

Many people believe in the Power of Positive Thinking, but, until this author’s original book, no one had succeeded in credibly explaining how mere thoughts are able to tangibly influence physical nature and/or demonstrably alter future occurrences. To explain the connection in simpler terms, two additional books were written to present a new paradigm of nature in a progressively non-technical manner and couple this information with an explanation of how our right brain hemispheres are able to tap into the hidden domain of the metaphysical.

To support this premise, the reader is, depending on the version, moderately or lightly introduced to the divergent worlds of physics and metaphysics and is then presented with a new view of nature that convincingly links mind to matter. Each version, although progressively simplified and abridged, still allows the reader to skip over sections without missing essential information. Each version is designed for readers who do not have a background in physics or metaphysics, but want to learn enough about these topics so that they can harness the power of thought and prayer.

Although considerably shortened and simplified, each version solidly constructs a case that counters the familiar notion that matter exists and that non-material concepts like ideas, emotions, thoughts, etc. do not. The author makes a compelling argument that all that exists in both the physical and metaphysical worlds is vibration. In the larger version, the author employs approximately 100 pages of the book, including parts that can be skipped, to describe precisely how this fascinating discovery operates in the real world.  In the smaller abridged verson this is done in about 50 pages.  Both editions, explain how to use this knowledge to influence your future. In point of fact, the new paradigm presented in each makes the case that the future can only be created with thoughts. To that point, the final chapter of each book presents a precise set of instructions and guidelines to provide readers with the necessary tools to ordain their own realities.