Mission Declaration

Essence of the Book
The purpose of this book is to explain the underlying laws of nature supporting the theory that positive thinking produces positive results. This knowledge will significantly enhance your ability to bring about desired changes in your life.

When it was Conceived
The original book endured a lengthy gestation. Its idea took initial roots about 30 years ago when the author first experienced an ability to influence the outcome of events in his life simply by steadfastly focusing on the desired result. He termed this phenomenon, “Ordaining Reality.”

The Afterword

The author sincerely hopes that you will have gained from reading this book and employing its suggested methods. He also trust that you will recognize the moral message that is woven throughout. The following punctuates this underlying theme.

You likely recognize and perhaps have thought about the paradox of technology. Western Science has flourished due in large part to the indomitable human will to succeed and triumph. However, in parallel with remarkable innovative and technological gains, the world’s ecosystem has been relentlessly subjected to the numerous harmful effects of progress.

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