In a word – FANTASTIC! I especially enjoyed Donlan’s multi-faceted explanation of physics and the layered manner in which he presents this complex topic. His books helped me piece together many portions of life’s puzzles…with the underlying notion that Eastern thought can and should compliment Western ideals – including philosophy, science, and mysticism. Of particular significance to me was the “Ah ha!” moment it inspired within my own perspective of reality. I recently authored a book, Boosting the Mind’s Eye, which explores the importance of visualization and the right hemisphere’s role in both learning ability and social behavior (particularly among children); I sense that Donlan’s book may supply an important link in that chain of understanding. Of course, the greatest benefit of Donlan’s book is not solely the ability to understand this link, but to strengthen the ability to ordain my own reality.


— Erin Phifer, author of: Boosting the Mind’s Eye: Visualization for Social and Emotional Intelligence.

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